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Shine Award 2001  Consumer Response

March 2003 / Alexa Robichaud - France

Subject: I love your drink...
Hello my name is Alexa Robichaud and I`m french. I am emailing you just to let you know that I drink you energy drinks before every one of my soccer games and I have so much energy that lasts me the whole game and even hours after. I`d just like to thank you for what you have done for me and my soccer career.
I am so grateful of your drink. If you hadn`t come out with your drink I don`t know what I`d drink before my games. Thank you for all your help and I hope you continue to make your wonderful drink.
Sincerely, Alexa
P.S. I know that people say that Red bull gives you wings, but Bomba Energy gives me a big Energy Pack!!

April 2002 / André Vicente - Portugal

"As I told you we`ve been performing a few tests so that we can be sure about the acceptance of the Bomba here in Portugal. I`m quite happy to say the results couldn`t have been better. People have gone crazy with the bottle and they were very much impressed with the flavours. So... it`s time to get real!"

30. Jänner 2001 / Toto – Philippinen

I`ve been drinking RedBull energy drink for 3 years, but after drinking Bomba`s different energy drinks, i am convinced Bomba is THE ideal energy drink, it suits ones different moods and activities, and one can choose what to drink for different energy requirements.

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